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RSD12 Concept—October 9–20, 2023

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On October 16, 2022, I presented a proposal from Georgetown University to host an RSD12 in-person hub and organize the online program (RSDX-12). The intention is to increase locality and support accessibility and conviviality while reducing our carbon footprint and travel expenses. The model also lowers the barrier to offering a systemic design gathering by centralizing communications support and providing an online platform for broadcast sessions. It is also hoped that co-creating RSD12 across a network of hubs will increase connections and knowledge transfer.

RSD11 hub concept

Map of the world showing different timezones and nine hubs.

HUBS EXAMPLE. The Georgetown proposal is a multi-event symposia concept, connecting systemic design hubs around the world in a sequence of in-person, online, and hybrid sessions. This is to suggest what it might look like. The number of hubs, locations and dates are hypotheticals. [Illustration courtesy of Palak Dudani]


The Georgetown proposal is a multi-event symposia concept, connecting systemic design hubs around the world in a sequence of in-person, online, and hybrid sessions. Hub symposia are augmented by a daily four-hour online program dedicated to full papers and emergent programming  (RSD12 co-schedule). The tentative dates for RSD12 are October 9th–20th, 2023, excluding weekends (the dates will be finalized following input from confirmed hubs).

The RSD12 program will feature up to eight hubs, plus Georgetown University. Hubs will run programs sequentially to avoid an overlap in programming and consist of in-person sessions over at least one day, including a live-streamed keynote speaker. RSD12 will culminate with a three-day event, October 18–20, 2023, hosted on-campus at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, and the SDA General Assembly on Friday, October 20th, 2023.

The main features of the RSD12 model are as follows.

  • The multi-site program is structured around a 24-hour timetable, so hubs can program onsite and hybrid sessions according to their local timezone.
  • The common track runs weekdays at UTC 12:00–15:00 on the RSD12 event platform provided by Georgetown University.
  • The online programme will comprise paper tracks (peer-reviewed papers), keynote speakers, and space for emergent programming.
  • The online platform is co-scheduled and co-facilitated, featuring the common track and sessions the hub would like to broadcast (at minimum, keynotes).
  • The online event is managed by Georgetown university, including technology and registration.
  • There is no cost to hubs to be part of the online platform.
  • Hubs manage their onsite event, including programming, registration, and collecting fees.

Please review the FAQs and don’t hesitate to send an email to the startup committee with any questions.

Startup Committee

Evan Barba, Associate Professor, Georgetown University, 

Palak Dudani, Designer Researcher,

Cheryl May, Editor,,

SDA Board Working Group

Silvia Barbero, Marie Davidová, Peter Jones, Ryan Murphy


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