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RSD12 Call for Hubs: Expression of Interest and FAQs

by | Feb 2023 | SDA blog

The Systemic Design Association and Georgetown University are ready to receive Expressions of Interest from partner organizations to host one or multiple days of RSD12 as part of the collaborative hub model envisioned for October 2023. Please submit your EoI before March 21, 2023.

If we want to host a hub, what do we need to do?

While working together to co-create the overall program, RSD12 hubs organize their local programming,  financing and resources. They also need the infrastructure to promote their event and manage onsite sessions, ticket sales, and group activities. 

Hubs are asked to do the following:

  • Identify and host (in person or online) at least one keynote speaker.
  • Organize an in-person program with workshops, panels, or presentations .
  • Set rates and collect fees for their hub event.
  • Host online papers and workshops (RSDX-12, on the RSD12 event platform).
  • Provide a networked space for viewing/broadcasting hybrid sessions from the hub.
  • Appoint at least one representative to the RSD12 program committee to engage in the reviewing process.
  • Identify and contact reviewers, write and collect reviews, discuss submissions, and collaborate on overall programming.
  • Send at least one representative to RSD12 in Washington, DC.

What can we expect from the organizers?

The organizers will provide core support for RSD12:

  • As a hub, Georgetown will provide the platform for sessions on the common track, manage onsite tickets, and provide facilities and support for the General Assembly and on-campus events.
  • Georgetown will provide, organize, and manage the RSD12 event platform and RSDX-12 online access tickets.
  • As Georgetown University’s representative, Evan Barba will assume the role of RSD12 Chair, managing the submission and review process through EasyChair.
  • The Systemic Design Association will publicise all events and post information and proceedings on
  • The Systemic Design Association will publish the conference proceedings on

See the RSD12 agreement and documentation for more details on how the RSD partnership works and examples of former symposia.

Will hub content appear in the proceedings?

Accepted submissions will be included in RSD12 proceedings. The table describes RSD formats and modalities for each format and locale. It serves as a starting place for the anticipated collaborative programme and responsible groups. The blue area is also marked on the first tab of the RSD12 planning schedule. 

How to apply?

  1. Prepare a brief concept paper that includes the host (the organization that is accepting hosting and financial responsibility), focus area (e.g., locale, topic, etc.), people involved in planning, RSD12 program committee representative and contact information, and any other information that is unique to the hub.
  2. Draft a preliminary budget using the RSD12 budget template—if you prefer, you can copy the template to an invited-only worksheet. The budget is for information only. Hubs must be self-funded; Georgetown University and SDA are not providing financial support.
  3. Plot possible times for the event on the RSD12 co-schedule—use one tab to set out your times.

RSD11 hub concept

Map of the world showing different timezones and nine hubs.

HUBS EXAMPLE. The Georgetown proposal is a multi-event symposia concept, connecting systemic design hubs around the world in a sequence of in-person, online, and hybrid sessions. This is to suggest what it might look like. The number of hubs, locations and dates are hypotheticals.


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Final submissions are due on
April 30

Open call for Reviewers
April 1–30

Feedback to authors
June 30

sessions OCTOBER 16–18

RSD13-OSLO & Nordmarka Forest October 22–26

Lidar-derived image of the Danube River and floodplain near Tulln, Austria. Daniel Coe. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 DEED