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RSD12-Bogotá: Design research

Sessions are posted (alpha by title) in the following order: paper sessions, keynotes, plenaries & panels, interactives/book talks, and workshops.

Where's the agenda?

The agenda for each RSD12-HUB is available from the hub event page (blue menu). RSD12-HUBS are in-person events, live-streaming select sessions to RSD12-ONLINE.

RSD12-ONLINE dates and times are available once you register for RSD12-ONLINE via links to the RSD12-ONLINE lobby. You can bookmark sessions, build an itinerary and add sessions to your calendar. Session recordings are immediately available following each session directly from the agenda, so you don't need to miss a thing.

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Papers: Method & Theory

Ruth Schmidt | Ryan Murphy | Gary Bell, Kat Lovell, Isabel Dunckley and Javier Ander Calderon Tellez | Mamta Gautam | Jennifer Briselli | Irina Wang | Maryam Mohiuddin Ahmed, Dilek Sayedahmed, Tara Campbell, Gryphon Theriault-Loubier and Sean Geobey | Perin Ruttonsha | Bas van den Berg, Petra Cremers, Joep Kuijper, Frank Evers, Emma van Dam, Youetta Visser, Jóia Boode, Ruth Delfgaauw, Justien Marseille, Senka Rebac, Anja Overdiek, Peter Troxler, Tomasz Jaskiewicz, Liliya Terzieva, Guido Stompff, Jürg Thölke, Remko van der Lugt, Christine De Lille and Wina Smeenk

Panel Diseño Sistémico

Harvey Cortés Martínez, Juan Pablo Arenas Vargas, Robinson Alexander De Lavalle Herrera, Sergio Ramírez, Juan de la Rosa

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