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RSD11 symposium

RSD11: Possibilities & Practices of Systemic Design

Thursday, October 13

RSD11 starts with Mathilda Tham’s “Falling in Love with Complex Systems” keynote and the first #NewMacy sessions. A dialogue session considers how contemporary systemic design practice challenges narrow notions of conscious purpose. Online activity sessions bridge the lunch break and between paper sessions. Fran Edgerley and Sofia Deria close the day with thoughts on interdisciplinary spatial practice.

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hybrid = venue + hub on zoom

The white boxes indicate sessions that bring together people who are online with those who are in person in Brighton. Online participants join via the RSD11 hub on Zoom while in-person venues will broadcast the session.

online = zoom hub

A grey box indicates that the session is hosted online. There's a single #RSD11 Zoom link for the entire symposium, and the virtual lobby and chat will open 30 minutes before the session begins. Brighton sites will have dedicated spaces for those who want to join online sessions – however, they are not broadcast, so these are "bring your own device" sessions.

in-person = onsite venues only

There are several onsite venues, and details can be found in the black boxes marked "venue". Refreshments and lunch are provided.

Mathilda Tam

Mathilda Tham

dialogue session

Silvia Barbero

#NewMacy series starts

Sofia Deria and Fran Edgerley

Fran Edgerley & Sofia Deria



Connect online via the Zoom link – the lobby and chat will be available.

In-person registration & venue

Ironworks Studios – 30 Cheapside, Brighton, BN1 4GD | MAP

Ironworks Studios is a local Brighton multimedia events space operated by Brighton Pride CIC. The walk from the main train station to the studio takes just a few minutes.

9:00 Ironworks Studios

Registration open from 8:00

welcome | hub & studio A


keynote – falling in love with complex systems | hub & studio A

Mathilda Tham – Falling in Love with Complex Systems – Uncompromisingly systemic and holistic approaches for home making together on Earth


1 possibilities & practices | hub & studio B


Designing Open Innovation Ecosystems for Small and Medium Enterprises -122 Silvia Barbero and Amina Pereno

A Systemic Co-Design Iceberg: A systemic perspective in the ever-evolving practice of empathic co-design -104 Wina Smeenk

SOU SOU: Supporting transitions through ritual, friendship and play -156 Cheryl Hsu, Adrienne Pacini, Kimberley Peter and Michael Schaus

2 possibilities & practices | hub & studio A


The frog that leaped -32 Helen Avery

Global Elephants in the Room: A reflexive prospective following 50 years of the Global Problematique -89 Peter Jones

Trapped in Complexity: Worlds and the methods they make -118 Håkan Edeholt

13:15 ONLINE

activity sessions X2 | online via hub

Concurrent online activities – 30 minutes

Postcard from the future

Systemic self and pluriverse

Activities are 30-minute interactive sessions that provide a space for participants to engage and enact (not just listen to) new ideas and practices. Whereas conventional paper presentations usually begin with a talk and end with (often rushed) questions and comments, this format places interactions amongst participants as the main activities.

10 minutes – Opening, including introductions and scene setting
15 minutes – Activity, with participants getting the chance to interact
5 minutes – Conclusion

LUNCH 13:00-14:00


3 possibilities & practices | hub & studio B


Insights from the Design for Planet Fellowship -165 Bernard Hay

Guiding Strategies For System Change with a Futures-Led, Human-Centred Design Approach -148 Eloise Smith-Foster and Tom Castle

Are Systemic Design Methods Excluding People with Learning Disabilities? -96 Irma Cecilia Landa-Avila, Satheesh Gangadharan, Sarah Rabbitte, Amy Wilkins, Michelle O’Reilly, Neil Sinclair, Chris Knifton, Panagiotis Balatsoukas, Rohit Shankar and Gyuchan Thomas Jun

A Call for Scaling Literacy -49 Ingrid Mulder, Maria Belén Buckenmayer and Ryan J.A. Murphy

4 methods & methodology | hub & studio C


Integrating Speculative and Systemic Approaches into Service Design -10 Zijun Lin and Beatrice Villari

Facing Systemic Challenges with Epistemic Humility -73 Michael Troop

Systemic Design and Game Design: The equilibrium gameplay loop -48 Laureline Chiapello

Employing Choice Infrastructure and Choice Posture to Achieve Positive-Sum System Outcomes -9 Ruth Schmidt

Commoning by Design: Staying relational in conflict -180 Julia Schaeper


#NewMacy Introduction | online via hub


keynote – new old architectures | hub & studio A

Fran Edgerley and Sofia Deria – New Old Architectures: Interdisciplinary spatial practice – “How might we expand the scope of architecture to reorient around different priorities, enact different systems and make space for different forms of living together?”


#NewMacy re-defining stability | hub & ironworks studio C

#NewMacy ACT I – Re-defining Stability. A contextual framing for #NewMacy and the #NewMacy “Acts” at RSD11.

18:30 The Walrus

evening session | the walrus

Location: The Walrus

STOP! The Curse of Change – Dialogue facilitated by Birger Sevaldson and Andreas Wettre

Books & Beers – flash presentations by authors

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