RSD11 – Possibilities & Practices

RSD11 Proceedings Editors: Goran Matic, Cheryl May, and Ben Sweeting

RSD11 proceedings mark the beginning of a second decade; it was time to question systemic design’s emerging shape

RSD11 proceedings introduction and editorial will be posted in April 2023.

In the meantime, you might enjoy this post-event summary.

RSD11 Organising Groups & Reviewers

Although papers are single-blind reviewed, the following reviewers have agreed to be acknowledged. RSD is made possible by the contributions of authors and reviewers.

* SDA members – profiles and contact information are available in the member directory.

Programme Committee

Evan Barba*

Karen Cham

Queenie Clarke

Karina Rodriguez Echavarria

Christopher Daniel

Gareth Lloyd

Dulmini Perera

Sally Sutherland

James Tooze

Jeff Turko

Josina Vink

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Organised by the Radical Methodologies (RaM) Research and Enterprise Group in partnership with the Systemic Design Association and the Design Council, with support from the School of Architecture, Technology and Engineering.

Reviewers A–J

Thomas Ainsworth

Ahmed Ansari

Helen Avery*

Evan Barba*

Silvia Barbero

Chiara Battistoni

Katy Beinart

Joanna Boehnert*

Marie Davidová*

Palak Dudani*

Delfina Fantini

Luke Feast

İdil Gaziulusoy*

Carolina Giraldo Nohra

Mariah Guimarães

Michael Hohl

Peter Jones*

Reviewers L–R

Danielle Lake

Cecilia Landa-Avila*

Dan Lockton

Tobias Luthe

Samantha Lynch

Goran Matic*

Cheryl May*

Mehdi Mozuni

Ryan Murphy*

Andre Nogueira

Susu Nousala

Paul Pangaro

Amina Pereno

Dulmini Perera

Eve Pinsker

Elena Porqueddu

Rebecca Price

Gordon Rowland

Reviewers S–Z

Eryk Salvaggio

Carla Sedini

Birger Sevaldson*

Shanu Sharma

Howard Silverman*

Frederick Steier

Sally Sutherland

Ben Sweeting*

Sahil Thappa

Gryphon Theriault-Loubier

James Tooze

Jeffrey Turko

Frederick van Amstel

Mateus van Stralen

Emīlija Veselova

Andre Viljoen

Josina Vink

Claudia Westermann

Posted Mar-2023