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RSD12 Call for Hubs: Expressions of Interest

by | Jan 2023 | News & Notes, RSD12

RSD12 organising institution announced—Georgetown University, US. This year, the RSD12 hub model invites multiple hosts to submit interest in presenting their chosen themes.

Please contact Cheryl May to find out more about RSD12 hub partnerships and receive the hub Expression of Interest.

SDA offers a framework for compelling, engaging, and consistent RSD Symposia according to the well-established RSD series’ ethos. Each RSD builds on the rich, collected experience from former symposia; however, the unique learnings from each RSD sparks new and novel approaches to programming future symposiums.

An RSD program is formed by the host’s vision for the event and chosen themes. Then the tracks are developed from the abstracts selected from reviewed submissions. Papers are reviewed by 2-3 experienced peers, with feedback to all authors who submit. The host team is responsible for collecting and editing working papers for the proceedings that follow the symposium. SDA board members participate in the scientific committee lending a hand to manage the review and selection process. SDA board members and the prior year’s chair also act as an advisory group to the event.

The RSD symposium is an important annual event for many graduate students, academics, researchers, and advanced practitioners. Special attention is given to emerging authors, practitioner research, and practice reports.

The annual host documents and edits the conference content and follows up after the symposium. This includes the proceedings along with presentation slides, videos, and other media such as sketchnotes.


RSD Timeline


Expressions of interest in hosting RSD12
The host is presented as part of the RSD closing
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Call for abstracts first quarter
Abstracts are due in spring
Registration opens in the summer
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Fall 2023

RSD12 Symposium


Revised abstracts and presentations deadline
Spring deadline for proceedings


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