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RSD10 Photo Gallery

RSD10 photos courtesy of Dr Rebecca Price

Rebecca’s RSD10 photos capture aspects of TU Delft’s campus and reflect the realities of holding an event during the COVID-19 pandemic. The symposium was held from November 2-6, 2021 – uncertainties around whether borders would be open to travellers outside The Netherlands, the Schengen Area, and beyond were an ongoing factor. The organisers opted for five days of online sessions and one day on-campus at TU Delft, which is depicted in this RSD10 photo journal. As it turned out many people could not come to Delft due to the restrictions at the time; however, limited gatherings were possible for some and online sessions were well-attended. The regional COVID-19 guidelines were somewhat open at the time; in the photos, you can see empty seats due to social distancing in the seating arrangements, but masks were not mandatory as they were at other times during the pandemic. Mostly, these photos share some of the energy, commitment, and dedication that prevails in the systemic design community.

Note: You are welcome to download and repost photos from the gallery. Please refer to RSD10 and credit Dr Rebecca Price.


Slideshow of RSD10 on-campus event at TU Delft


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