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About RSD

The RSD Production Process

The RSD production process and production deadlines meet the cadence of RSD symposia and allow the greatest degree of latitude for authors.

RSD12 Symposium: Entangled in Emergence

Entangling and unravelling are complementary processes. Even the deepest entanglements eventually unravel, and every unravelling is an opportunity for new entanglements to emerge.

RSD Review Process

Details about formats for authors, facilitators, and exhibitors. Contributions are included in the proceedings, a searchable repository of systemic design resources used by researchers, teachers, and practitioners.

RSD Style Guide

Submission guidelines provide a detailed description of how to prepare a document for all submission formats: papers, presentations, workshops, and systems maps and exhibits.

Navigating the Scholars Spiral

Thinking of scholarship in terms of a cyclic, spiral process supports a vital emergence of supportive opportunities for scholars.

A Systemic Design Resource

The RSD symposia proceedings represent a systemic design resource—an unparalleled collection of peer-reviewed work.

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