Megan Auger and Rhonda Gladue

In an effort to encourage dialogue and inspire research in the classroom, IKWC created the Treaty Resource Kits. These kits are designed to introduce concepts, stories, and histories of Treaty from Indigenous perspectives for educators, students, administrators, community members, and parents.

The kits are split into two groups, kindergarten to grade six (K to 6) and grade seven to grade twelve (7 to 12). There are a number of internally and externally developed resources:

  • Books that have been reviewed and vetted by IKWC researchers;
  • Archival photos, maps, etc.; and
  • Poster sized reproductions of the Treaty Texts
  • K to 6 and 7 to 12 Binders that include lesson plans, class activities, historical concepts guides, puzzles, games, etc.; and
  • Treaty Medallion stickers, stamps, and passports

Much of the documentation around Treaties gives the impression that these were Treaties of cessation, or entirely about land and title. This was not the spirit and intent of the agreements being made from our Peoples perspective. Treaties were not just between nations; they were a sacred ceremony between Peoples and the Creator. Treaties are not merely signatures on parchment, they were relationships made in ceremony and relationships that continue to this day. —James Knibb-Lamouche, IKWC Director of Innovation & Research.

Megan Auger is an Interviewer/Researcher at the Indigenous Knowledge and Wisdom Centre (IKWC), located in Edmonton, AB. She obtained her B.A. in Anthropology from MacEwan University in 2017 and is currently working towards a BA in Sociology. One of Megan’s areas of focus is researching and vetting resources to share on the IKWC’s Virtual Library. From a young age, she has enjoyed learning about history and enjoys listening to people talk about their life experiences. Her interests include reading, photography, travelling, and learning about different cultures.

Rhonda Gladue is from  Kito Sahkahikan (Calling Lake, Alberta) in Treaty 8 Territory. She completed her formal education at U of A, graduating with her BEd in Secondary Education and Native Studies Degree. The other form of education she received/s derives from Traditional Cree teachings and protocols taught by Elders and Knowledge Keepers of her community. Her role as the Senior Researcher at the Indigenous Knowledge and Wisdom Centre has strengthened her proficiency and research skills in areas of Treaty Education, Elder teachings, Indigenous Knowledge Systems and policies affecting the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island. Her main interests include Indigenous pedagogy, curriculum studies, and writing.

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