Regenerative Value Systems: Model(s) illustrating flows and transformations of value within production systems

Tom Snow

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This paper studies various foundational economic concepts, with the purpose to support the development of new systemic frameworks for regenerative value systems: those systems that we design, build and work in, that help us provide for our physical needs of food, water, materials, products, structures, and energy et cetera – which also clearly influence and are influenced by our sense of being, culture, worth and abilities and so forth.

The term regenerative underlines that these systems need not only to be sustainable – and to be resilient, but also be actively (and dynamically) engaged in their own (re)production and persistence. With a systemic view (versus a reductionist one) to be engaged in one’s own reproduction, also implies that the surrounding system in which one persists (and thrives), also needs to reproduce itself (regenerate) – and one affects and is affected by the other.

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