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Tobias Luthe

In 2022, Systemic Design Labs (SDL) of ETH Zurich launched Designing Resilient Regenerative Systems (DRRS), a learning system comprising a MOOC series offered on edX dedicated to co-creating a positive impact in complex systems and an online weaver community for fueling mental and cultural growth and social action. Part of DRRS is a new executive Master program as well.

The DRRS MOOC hybridises sustainability science, systemic design and transformative action. It provides worldviews, tools, illustrations and transformative networks to build capacities and engage in systemic innovation of complex systems. It is comprised of four modules.

MOOC#1: From Sustainability to Regeneration
MOOC#2: Beyond Systems Thinking
MOOC#3: Systemic Design
MOOC#4: Real-world Transformative Design Praxis

It’s been an intense period, with MOOC#1 launching spring of 2022 and the second DRRS MOOC, Beyond Systems Thinking, in the fall of 2022. In September 2023, SDL launched a new professional degree offered by ETH Zurich as a Certificate of Advanced Studies; the first professional degree offered in Regenerative Systems by ETH Zurich, and the first certificate counting towards a future professional Master of Advanced Studies Program in Regenerative Systems.

This interactive session provides a rapid update and an opportunity for those who are teaching or studying systemic design to discuss the MOOC format, its experiential didactics, the role of community infrastructure, and what it takes to launch a new professional degree in a contemporary education environment.

Tobias Luthe leads SDL and is currently hosted by the Institute for Spatial and Landscape Development (IRL), a group of Planning Landscape and Urban Systems (PLUS) at the ETH Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering.

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