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Reducing Plastic Waste from Hospital Procedures to Improve Environmental, Financial, and Social Sustainability of Healthcare Practices -106


Heather Baid and Tom Ainsworth

Healthcare generates 4.4% of global carbon emissions, and if healthcare were a country, it would be the 5th largest emitter of greenhouse gases (Karliner et al., 2019). Its impact was acknowledged at the COP26 programme of events on healthcare sustainability (UN Climate Change Conference UK, 2021). Each NHS Trust spends, on average, £300,000 a year on waste disposal, with large amounts of bin misuse and high volumes of single-use products (Royal College of Nursing, 2018). This participatory research project will engage with these challenges by collaborating with the healthcare community to evaluate the systemic challenges that lead to items and materials entering the waste stream and co-designing strategic interventions. The project will focus on items used in high volumes or with a high level of wastage as identified by the ‘community’.

The project will use an Integrated Knowledge Transition model (Boland et al., 2020; Gagliardi et al., 2016; Kothari, McCutcheon and Graham, 2017) to co-produce knowledge with end-users of the research, recognising their experience, needs and preferences and fostering greater agency to implement findings.

Keywords: sustainability, healthcare, systemic complexity, environmental impacts

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