Reducing Mining and Energy Consumption through Recycling of Fired Ceramic Waste

Shashank Nimkar, National Institute of Design

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This research was initiated as an investigation about the afterlife of the prodigious amount of rejections witnessed post-firing process at ceramic industries in India.

To further expand the optimization of application development of this waste, inspiration was drawn from Asian culture where a natural way of life was designed to reuse and recycle materials for longevity. The key idea about recycling fired ceramics was to be able to reuse the waste for multiple production cycles instead of using it once and in turn, generating more untreatable waste at the end of its lifecycle. To realize this vision, recycling was carried out as a mono‐material making it a 100% recyclable material. This paper, along with offering a corporeal solution to the material crisis intends to offer an initial nudge to open up conversations about waste pertaining to materials other than plastic and water, thus making a direct positive impact under SDG12.

Posted: Oct-2020

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