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Radical design processes for systemic change

Format: Papers, RSD2, Topic: Cases & Practice, Topic: Methods & Methodology

Sigrun Lurås and Kjetil Nordby

To enable radical design in safety-critical collaborative workplaces, there is a need to engage a wide range of stakeholders. This paper reports on three design presentations carried out with the purpose of enabling systemic changes necessary to carry out a complete redesign of current ship bridges for advanced marine operations. The presentations showed possible future bridge designs developed from an extensive design-driven research and development project. The presentations were held inside the company commissioning the innovations and publicly at industrial meeting places where customers, sub-suppliers and regulatory authorities meet. We present the objectives, target groups, our strategy, the means of presentation and the results. Our preliminary work suggests there is a close relation between the presentations and the research and development project’s ability to introduce radical innovations to the marine industry. The presentations have aligned stakeholder expectations of future bridge development and, as such, prepared the community for systemic changes. We suggest the three presentations are examples of how design presentations can serve as systemic interventions that prime social systems so as to more easily accept and support radical innovation processes.




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Author(s): Sigrun Lurås and Kjetil Nordby
Title: Radical design processes for systemic change
Published in: Proceedings of Relating Systems Thinking and Design
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First published: 15 September 2013
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