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Professional application of Systems Oriented Design: Developments in practice

Author: Jonathan Romm and Adrian Paulsen

Halogen is one of the leading digital design consultancies in Norway, with expertise in design of critical systems and applications, websites, intranets, products and processes. One common denominator in all of Halogen’s services and projects is a human-centered design approach aiming for holistic user experiences. The company has through recent years gone from being experts in digital user experience to become a strategic design expertise with focus on service design, design of critical systems, innovation and work processes. This means that projects are much more complex on many levels such as operation, process and deliveries.
Halogen has established a partnership with The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) by applying the proven methods and techniques of Systems Oriented Design into a practical and commercial context. Through the last couple of years Halogen has carried out more than 20 design projects using System Oriented Design as a central approach.

Our experience with applying Systems Oriented Design in a commercial context has led us to develop new techniques and expand the usage of the method. This includes:
1. The use of predesigned GIGA-map layouts.
2. The development of four main GIGA-map typologies.
3. Commercial usage of the concept of establishing ceative spaces both at company office and mirrored to our clients.
4. Developing techniques for selling Systems Oriented Design.

Systems Oriented Design has proven to be a cost effective and practical tool for dealing with development in complex settings. It provides and delivers an organisational strategic alignment. At the same time it creates a basis for the development of products and services that connects and fits into larger contexts.

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Posted: Sep-2014

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