Proceedings of Relating Systems Thinking and Design (RSD11) 2022 Symposium

RSD11—Possibilities & Practices: Questioning systemic design’s emerging shape

RSD11 Proceedings Editors: Goran Matic, Cheryl May, Ben Sweeting

The RSD11 introduction and editorial will be posted in April 2023.

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RSD11 Symposium Proceedings

RSD11 proceedings are listed in the following order: introduction, keynote speakers, workshops, interactives, papers, and systems maps.

New Old Architectures: Interdisciplinary spatial practice

RSD11 Keynote: Fran Edgerley and Sofia Deria, “How might we expand the scope of architecture to reorient around different priorities, enact different systems and make space for different forms of living together?”

Seeing RSD11’s Seven Foci Relationally

RSD11 Keynote. Dr Tony Fry is a Tasmanian-based award-winning designer, cultural theorist, educator and writer. For this talk, his context: seeing the event’s seven foci relationally.

A Systemic Design Framework for AI-enabled Healthcare: Improving health and wellbeing of people with learning disabilities -35

Gyuchan Thomas Jun, Satheesh Gangadharan, Georgina Cosma, Panos Balatsoukas, Cecilia Landa-Avila, Francesco Zaccardi, Michelle O’Reilly, Ashley Akbari, Vasa Curcin, Rohit Shankar, Reza Kiani, Neil Sinclaire, and Chris Knifton


Brighton, UK | October 3–16, 2022

The proceedings are published and available online as open access documents.

RSD11 online proceedings published by the Systemic Design Association
ISSN 2371-8404

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