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Potential Therapeutic Effects on Design for Psychological Well-being

Format: Papers, RSD8, Topic: Health & Well-being

Authors: Zichao Nie, Francesco Zurlo, Elisabetta Camussi & Chiara Annovazzi

Although the term of ‘design’ and ‘health’ sounds far, the link between two fields is getting closer and closer. The topic of ‘Design for Health’ increasingly demonstrates that design knowledge and practices can benefit the health and well-being field (e.g., for the products, environment, communication, etc.). From the past researches, the evidence-based design approaches have shown a therapeutic effect on human well-being issues, but it is rare to illustrate some positive well-being connections from an experience-based design perspective. This paper aims to study the therapeutic link between service design and health or well-being through mixed research methods. In order to understand this unclear relationship, this research was focused on the topic of vocational psychology to analyse the career service network in higher education institutions through a service design framework. The results, in the end, not only indicate that service design can positively impact human-well-being, but also illustrate key approaches from service design that can improve people’s well-being. Therefore, this paper summarizes that transforming services for psychological well-being from design approaches is a positive way to improve human well-being comprehensively.




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Author(s): OCTOBER 2019
Title: Potential Therapeutic Effects on Design for Psychological Well-being
Published in: Proceedings of Relating Systems Thinking and Design
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First published: 4 October 2019
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