Category: Topic: Policy & Governance

Topic: Policy & Governance

Papers: Policy

Hillary Carey and Jessica Meharry | Irem Tekogul | Palak Dudani and Karianne Rygh | Diana Maria Mahecha, Juan de la Rosa and Juan Carlos Arias | Jenna Mikus | Celiane Camargo Borges and Licia Calvi

Equation of Craft in India

National Institute of Design, India. The craft sector in India through mapping interconnections and multidirectional influences.

Public Use Space Policy

Centro de Diseño, Cine y Televisión, Mexico. Understanding the need for an updated approach for the benefit of urban mobility and street vendors.

Policy Design and Decision Making

RSD7 Keynote. Chelsea Mauldin: I propose that designers engaged in policy and systems change design new, adjacent policy systems, recognize the primacy and requirements of the human body, and more consciously identify and address imbalances in power in the systems in which we intercede.

Design for Democracy

Authors: Professor Birger Sevaldson, Senior lecturer Linda Blaasvær, Lecturer Andreas Wettre

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