Pelin Celik, Olivia Hidalgo Miranda, Tore Gulden, Kristin Støren Wigum, Steen Ory Bendtzen, Nadiya Karibayeva, Florent Orsoni and Julia Kunkel

A playful workshop for understanding needs, expectations, dynamics, roles and the importance of cross-organisational partnerships with a systemic design perspective

The European Systemic Design Lab (ESDL) is an ongoing cooperation between three European universities. To deal with the complexity that entails the creation of an international platform for Systemic Design such as ESDL, the team will offer an in-person workshop and make use of Play Probes to create a safe space and adopt questioning, risk-taking and exploring behaviours with participants. During this format, they will enter a hands-on, playful dialogue concentrating on the present and, most importantly, on the possible futures of Systemic Design and the potential establishment of an educational programme within it. This type of dialogue is made possible by using a probe kit developed at HTW Berlin, whose goal is to work on three stations (“Expectations, Dynamics and Code of Conduct”) while writing keywords on “building blocks” and connecting them together in a mindful way, thus creating abstract and organic sculptures. During the building process, participants are motivated to exchange and communicate, not only with others but also with themselves, by reflecting on their thoughts, expectations and wishes. In the end, the team should be able to observe a tangible representation of each participant’s wishes in regard to the creation of ESDL that can be discussed and documented.

KEYWORDS: systemic design, education, serious games, prototyping, play probes

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