This panel is organised by the CANSEE 2023 programme committee and hosted at OCADU as part of RSD12-TORONTO. It highlights the organisers’ shared interests in facilitating systems change for prosperous futures and building connections between systemic design and ecological economic communities.

The focus is the emerging range of approaches intended to supplement or revise conventional growth-based economic models, inclusive of degrowth, Indigenous, wellbeing, circular, complexity, and regenerative economies—and the strengths and weaknesses of existing local, national, and transnational programmes and policies for managing climate change mitigation, biosphere conservation, global health, and social equality.

Conference description from CANSEE 2023

By design or by disaster, the global economy must be fundamentally transformed as we come to terms with the biophysical limits of our finite planet, as well as the inequalities and instabilities that are being reinforced in the name of growth. To carry on with business as usual is to become complacent and complicit to the cascading consequences that are already undermining global food security, ecological integrity, safety, and human welfare. The limitations and rigidity of our current political-economic systems could not have become more apparent than during the current COVID-19 pandemic. As societies continue to debate how to protect public health interests while also keeping public and private institutions operating, losses of both life and livelihood ensue, with vulnerable populations being most affected. Just as critical as the pandemic, a climate-uncertain future necessitates a rapid transition to low-carbon economies while bracing for the potential of widespread and largely unjust environmental change. This conference aims to deepen awareness and strengthen the agency of diverse stakeholders, to explore and mobilize alternative economic futures.


The facilitator and panellists are to be announced.

Panel on Planetary Accountability October 12
RSD12-Toronto and RSD12-ONLINE

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Author(s): CANSEE 2023 SESSION
Year: 2023
Title: Planetary Accountability
Published in: Proceedings of Relating Systems Thinking and Design
Volume: RSD12
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Host: Georgetown University | CANSEE 2023
Location: Toronto, CAN | ONLINE
Symposium Dates: October 6–20, 2023
First published: 13 July 2023
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