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Moderators: Palak Dudani (Group 1) Silvia Barbero (Group 2)

This grouping consists of papers that speak to various aspects of place. Authors make a 10–15 minute presentation, and approximately 5 minutes are dedicated to discussing each paper. Authors have the opportunity to incorporate revisions based on the session into the final version of their article, published in Relating Systems Thinking and DesignRSD12, in March 2024.

Group 1

#15 Marie Davidová, Maria Claudia Valverde and Hanane Behnam
BioDiveIn: Leveraging the ecosystem through social and environmental systems

#107 Cecilia Padula and Silvia Barbero
Speculative Fabulation to Reclaim the Verbal Dimension of Co-design

#137 Fiona Descoteaux, Donagh Horgan and Stephen Wall
FUTURE (From Urban to hUman REgeneration): Systemic co-design in four European cities

#189 Sharon Zivkovic
Systemic Landscape of Practice Labs: A lived experience systemic design approach

Group 2

#33 Elena Porqueddu
The Multi-Scale Atlas: A trans-disciplinary tool for systemic inquiry and design

#203 Tanya Efremenko and Honorata Grzesikowska
Imagineering Urban Places: Enhancing the urban design process with a futures-driven approach to design for spatial equity

#244 Marion Real, Carlotta Fontana Valenti, Pietro L. Verga, Pablo Muñoz, Ashley Laflin and Milena Juarez
Unfolding Centrinno’s Project Framework: Co-designing regenerative processes to collectively construct pathways towards productive cities

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