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Shichao Zhao and Eduardo Mendez-Gonzalez, Sue Lattanzio, Joanne Berry-Frith, Cecilia Landa-Avila, Gyuchan Jun, Satheesh Gangadharan, Sarah Rabbitte and Amy Wilkins, Mersha Aftab, Holly Turpin and Eszter Hegymegi

Loughborough University research briefs that gather a set of papers for a panel-style session. An instigator starts the conversation after the authors deliver a short presentation to set the context.

Shaping hopeful futures

In an era of unprecedented global challenges, participative engagement could be key to catalysing positive societal transformations. Engagement can empower individuals and communities to actively co-create just and well-being futures.

The papers inspire new paradigms for addressing systemic inequities, enhancing community resilience, and propelling collective well-being by examining the synergistic relationship between engagement and systemic design. They explore case studies and unconventional propositions for an opportunity to deliver engagement-driven systemic design in various social contexts.

The authors emphasise creativity’s impact on community, technology, and societal issues, reflecting an evolving and multidisciplinary approach to solving contemporary challenges and envisioning hopeful futures.

Instigators: Shichao Zhao and Eduardo Mendez-Gonzalez

#157 Sue Lattanzio
Music for Research Co-creation and Public Engagement

#18 Joanne Berry-Frith
How can an artist researcher develop a framework by testing play as a concept to advance relationships through art-science collaboration that leads to behavioural change?

#57 Cecilia Landa-Avila, Gyuchan Jun, Satheesh Gangadharan, Sarah Rabbitte and Amy Wilkins
Healthcare Research through Systemic Design: Mapping entangled systems to identify leverage scenarios to enhance care coordination for people with learning disabilities.

#166 Mersha Aftab
Unravelling the Spaghetti | Role of empathy in clarifying systemic tensions

#138 Holly Turpin and Eszter Hegymegi
The Bridge Homeless Triage Service Evaluation: Co-design and immersive digital storytelling


How can we foster fair citizen engagement to contribute to understanding complex issues and systemic change?

In what ways can creativity be harnessed as a tool to reshape power dynamics in participatory processes, ensuring more inclusive and equitable outcomes?

How can integrating systems thinking and creative design methodologies enhance multi-stakeholder engagement?

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