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Category: Format: Plenaries & Panels

Format: Plenaries & Panels

Roundtable on mapping

Evan Barba, Jotte de Koning, Peter Jones, Praveen Nahar, Lorraine Randell, Birger Sevaldson, Mauri Suoheimo, and Sahil Thappa

Mapping Roundtable

Jotte de Koning, Peter Jones, Praveen Nahar, Birger Sevaldson, Mari Suoheimo, Sahil Thappa, and Evan Barba

Studio: Socioecological design

Three maps are generated through metaphors, and one considers dependence on virgin wood in home furniture. Locally Grown maps the spaces between the elements to explore systemic design interventions in human hair waste.

Studio: Unmapped

These exhibits are a departure from pictorial maps. Two site-specific installations mapped systems so they could be experienced from multiple points of view. The third, an experiment in art-science collaboration, resulted in richly rendered systemic representations of scientific findings. Also presented is the inventory of graphical devices.

Studio: Mapping for Futuring

Four mapping for futuring projects in three contexts: studio-led university project, transformation lab, researcher-led.

Studio: Mapping as framework

These four project posters reflect mapping as frameworks to describe and inspire multiple perspectives at different scales.

Studio: About our lives

Four projects from the National Institute of Design (India) represent contemporary exemplars of the metaphor style. They incorporate vivid graphics and extended formats and combine information density with detailed and expertly executed graphics.

Digital Rights

Jake Blok, Anouk Geenen, Ander de Keijzer, Rosa Louwerse, Wina Smeenk, and Ben Wagner

Panel Diseño Sistémico

Harvey Cortés Martínez, Juan Pablo Arenas Vargas, Robinson Alexander De Lavalle Herrera, Sergio Ramírez, Juan de la Rosa

Decolonizing Futures

Pupul Bisht: What does the future look like? Who owns/shapes these images of the future? Whose identity, knowledge, needs, and desires are not represented in these futures?

Integrating Selves and Systems through Ritual

Arvind Venkataramani and Adam Menter: Co-designed rituals are a way for people to identify and navigate the systems they are embedded in, and to construct or reshape selves to seek well-being.

Systemic Design Association

Birger Sevaldson: New courses are showing at universities in Europe and the Americas, beyond those represented in the RSD discourse, as the interdiscipline grows in depth and applicability.

Systemic Design Toolkit

Peter Jones, Stefanos Monastiridis, Alex Ryan, Vanessa Toye, Kristel Van Ael, and Philippe Vandenbroeck

Design Beyond Design

Kees Dorst: Could there be something in the very nature of design practices that limits Design’s ability to deal with these very complex systems?

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