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Online Social Activities for Delegates

by | Oct 2021 | RSD10 Programme, SDA blog

RSD10 is a hybrid conference that combines four days of online sessions with a 1.5-day on-campus event. While on-campus folks get to be #PlayingwithTensions in person, there are also opportunities to get together online. This year there are hosted online activities, a collaborative systems map, and social media streams for delegates. 

Systemic speed dating (#SSDtime)

The conceptual “systemic speed dating” is a hosted session that takes place via Zoom. During these sessions, you will have a chance to meet up with other RSD delegates for short bursts of conversation. They are visible by black buttons on the RSD10 schedule (called SSD-time) and in the RSD10 guide, where you will find Zoom links.

There are three #SSDtime sessions in the RSD10 program for these sessions. On Thursday, November 04, we start with 11:30-12hr CET. On Friday, we host two more #SSDtime sessions, one right after Indy Johar’s keynote speech, from 10-10:30hr and one right after Klaus Krippendorf’s keynote speech, from 16-16.30hr.

Aftertalks and paper breakouts

On Saturday, November 06, we confirmed and set aside time for sessions called Aftertalks. During these sessions, you can connect with other people who attended the previous session and discuss the ideas presented and other aspects of the symposium and systemic design. Note that following each paper track, there are also opportunities to join a breakout room; however, not all papers will offer this because it is based on each author’s preference.

PhD students fika

PhD students of the TU Delft Systemic Design Lab invite all doctoral-level students attending RSD10 to a special session devoted to discussing research projects and making connections. To make sure everyone can participate, we are holding this session online. Our guest speaker is Dan Lockton, an experienced design researcher from the University of Eindhoven, who will share some of the ways he has managed his PhD and discuss the PhD journey. PhD students fika

RSD systems map

All delegates are invited to get on the RSD10 systems map! The link to the board is in the RSD10 guide. Please add yourself to the timeline and show how you are connected in the systemic design community. It’s easy and fun to do!

  1. Take a name bubble and add yourself to the map
  2. Take an organisation icon and add more organisations to the map
  3. Take a tensions icon and add tensions between topics

Check out the board – It will inspire you!

Social media #RSD10

Please join in! #RSD10 delegates are #Playingwithtensions #systemicdesign on Instagram and Twitter. During the week, we will host a social media wall on this site. Twitter and Instagram posts are coordinated by Alazne Echaniz Jurado from October to November, with helpful contributions from Francis Hong, who manages direct chat from 8:30-16:30 CET Monday, November 01 to Saturday, November 06. Note: After-hours chat to cover other time zones will be available as much as possible.



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April 30

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April 1–30

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June 30

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RSD13-OSLO & Nordmarka Forest October 22–26

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