This introductory session is a contextual framing for #NewMacy and the #NewMacy “Acts” at RSD11.

We begin with an overview of #NewMacy — its emergence in 2020, the principles for action that evolved, and our current activities. We then move forward by looking back to an excerpt of the now infamous interview of Gregory Bateson and Margaret Mead by Stewart Brand. By performing this historical piece, we invoke participants from the original Macy Meetings of the 1940s and 50s to establish our lineage with those also committed to a second-order cybernetic epistemology.

Next, we explain our construction of “ontogenetic resilience” as a framework for approaching today’s wicked challenges and a framework for the #NewMacy activities at RSD11. Act I closes with a Batesonian metalogue that provides a conceptual foundation and instruction for the Act II Studios.

Keywords: Pandemics, wicked challenges, second-order Cybernetics, systemic change, ontological security, conversation, ontogenetic resilience, recursive feedback.

Contributors: Pille Bunnell, Carlos Castellanos, Damian Chapman, Kate Doyle, Xiao Fang, Mikal Giancola, Michael Lieber, TJ McLeish, Paul Pangaro, Eve Pinsker, Eryk Salvaggio, Larry Richards, Fred Steier, Mark Sullivan, and Claudia Westermann

About #NewMacy #RSD11

RSD11 and #NewMacy present a track dedicated to catalyzing conversations for action across disciplines, geographies, and generations through systemic principles, processes, and communities. #NewMacy creates conditions for enacting productive responses among individuals and communities that bring about change in the near term while planning for and committing to the timespan required to effect lasting change. The current focus is a new framing for “ontogenesis,” specifically that of developing new ways of becoming. To survive in a changing world, we must embrace resilience in lieu of security, interpreted as constancy. Hence, #NewMacy substitutes ontogenetic resilience as the framing intention — and Cybernetics as key.

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