Narrative Patterns and Exformative Design in Cooperative Learning -98


Francis Laleman

Following up on the Brazilian educationist Paolo Freire’s call to liberate pedagogy from oppression (Freire,1970), the present article proposes a new approach to the design and delivery of learning as a systemic experience – combining a further adaptation Kenya Hara’s concept of exformation (Hara, 2015; Laleman, 2020), elements from the educational philosophy and praxis of Rabindranath Tagore (Tagore,1931), and narrative structures studied and described by Zen master and No theatre educationist Zeami Motokiyo in the14th century CE (Oida & Marshall, 1997).

The educational design model appearing from the combination of these very different and culturally diverse elements is a hybrid, free-flowing framework ideally suited for systemic, organic, cooperative, and collaborative learning environments – challenging the systemic dualisms inherent in traditional teacher/student settings and other forms of societal and/or authoritative educational oppressions, of which Paolo Freire’s infamous “banking model” is only one (Freire, 1970). Rather surprisingly, workshop delivery and facilitation work using the flow of “exformative design” (Laleman, 2020) more resembles the process of conceptual art (Fluxus) and forum theatre (Augusto Boal, Safdar Hashmi, Haresh Sharma) than any of the more classic pedagogical constructs.

Keywords: systems design, social innovation, oppression, exformation, education reform, design for change

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