MyWellnessCheck: Designing a student and staff wellbeing feedback loop to inform university policy and governance

James Derek Lomas with Willem van der Maden

“My Wellness Check” is a well-being assessment system designed to support wellbeing feedback loops within large organizations, like universities. In this paper, we present a narrative describing the human-centred design process used to develop a context-sensitive well-being feedback system within a large technical university during the COVID-19 pandemic. We share quantitative and qualitative findings from the first two feedback cycles, where well-being assessments were sent to over 30,000 students and staff. By involving community members and decision-makers in the qualitative data analysis, we successfully translated results into administrative policy and community action. Our ongoing design research project highlights the desirability and feasibility of well-being feedback loops within large complex systems.

Keywords: Well-being, designX, complex socio-technical systems, cybernetics

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