Micro-Architectures V.2: A practical experiment on how to design with uncertainty -154

Erica Azevedo da Costa E Mattos, and Diego Fagundes Da Silva

Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil | Nimbu, Brazil

In this paper, we seek to build an interpretation of modularity as a cybernetic-oriented system architecture capable of accommodating the uncertainties inherent to life and, consequently, implicit in any design activity. Micro-Architectures was a socio-spatial framework conceived as a “system of systems” capable of dealing with emerging demands not previously specified—and, at the same time, questioning the very notions of function and purpose usually dominant in the fields of architecture and design. The resulting framework enabled a process of collaboration and conversation between designers and the self-organized residents of a squat in the central area of the largest city in the country as a practical design experiment within the context of the 11th São Paulo Architecture Biennial.

KEYWORDS: systemic design, cybernetics, modularity

Posted September 2022

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