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Category: Topic: Learning & Education

Topic: Learning & Education

Systemic Design Conversations about Reviewing

Ryan Murphy hosts two pop-up sessions in two time zones, featuring Ray Ison, Peter Jones, Houda Khayame, Wendy Ross, Ruth Schmidt, and Katelyn Stenger. These hour-long conversations, concentrated on reviewing submissions for conferences and journals, represent various perspectives and will be recorded as a resource for people new to reviewing while offering fresh insights for established reviewers and editors.

Towards a Systemic Co-Design Approach for a World in Transition

Bas van den Berg, Petra Cremers, Joep Kuijper, Frank Evers, Emma van Dam, Youetta Visser, Jóia Boode, Ruth Delfgaauw, Justien Marseille, Senka Rebac, Anja Overdiek, Peter Troxler, Tomasz Jaskiewicz, Liliya Terzieva, Guido Stompff, Jürg Thölke, Remko van der Lugt, Christine De Lille, and Wina Smeenk

Towards the Whole: A tribute to Charles L. Owen

RSD8 Keynote. Charles Bezerra: A tribute to Charles L. Owen, Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the Institute of Design where he conducted research and taught until 2010 in the MDes, MDM, and PhD Design graduate programs.

Advanced Design Cultures: A learning system perspective

RSD7 Keynote. Roberto Iniquez Flores: In order to address the complexity of these new approaches design is evolving into a new cultures that are very diverse and emergent, these design cultures require a new characterization for its understanding.

Systemic Design Association

Birger Sevaldson: New courses are showing at universities in Europe and the Americas, beyond those represented in the RSD discourse, as the interdiscipline grows in depth and applicability.