Landscapes and systemic design: Po river Delta (Italy) case

Luisa Cattozzo and Leonardo Marotta

Università IUAV di Venezia | Studio Professionale Associato Entropia

In this work a model of the regenerative systemic design was applied to the delta of the Po. The Po Delta is one of the most important ecological areas in Italy, (with over 370 species including resident birds, migratory birds and migratory birds) and the largest wetland in Europe has been included, since 1999, in the list of Italian heritage sites by UNESCO and has been declared a Biosphere Reserve since 2013 by the UNESCO’s Mab (Man and biosphere) program.
Despite the economic development made possible by the biodiversity of the Po Delta, Italy and regions had not been able to guarantee in any way the environmental protection of the area. Pollution, aquaculture, fishing, climate change effects have become widespread in the area. A model of regeneration using the systemic design is proposed.

Keywords: landscape ecology, landscape/seascape metabolism, geographical systemic design, regenerative design, blue economy

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