Integrated Policy, Sustainable Development Goals, and New Change and Governance Models: Case Study of the UN’s Joint SDG Fund

Author: Nenad Rava

Conceptually and methodologically, the case study is based on author’s recent work on systemic policy design (Rava, 2017; Rava; forthcoming) that addresses comprehensive concepts of policy and of design in the context of new models of change and governance; authentic use of policy and design judgment; and the multiplier, systemic social impact. The case study will address the systemic (in the UN lingo: “integrated”) approach to policy design for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as applied by the Joint Fund for the 2030 Agenda (the Joint SDG Fund). It will demonstrate the innovative use of policy design for SDG acceleration that is demand-driven, centred on marginalized and vulnerable groups (the “Leaving No One Behind” principle), and benefiting from new multi-stakeholder models of change and governance (e.g. acceleration labs and country-support platforms). Accelerating progress towards the SDGs means getting the right economic, social and environmental policies in place and taking them to scale in an accelerated manner. It requires diverse stakeholders to come together to co-design and co-implement transformative initiatives for integrated policies informed by the human rights based approach. Inspired by the comprehensive reform of the United Nations, the Joint SDG Fund works across all 17 SDGs to innovate current development practices through integrated policy and catalytic finance. While anchored in an emerging theoretical framework, the study will be of practical nature with the focus on the process of design, development and launch of joint programmes in 30 countries, in which the Joint SDG Fund invests 60 million USD and mobilizes the networks consisting of 500+ stakeholder groups.

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