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Insights from the Design for Planet Fellowship

Format: Papers, RSD11, Topic: Socioecological Design

Bernard Hay

In December 2021, the Design Council launched the Design for Planet Fellowship: a proto-type programme that convened eight designers working across disciplines to develop new practices around regenerative design. The programme began as an opportunity to explore the important role designers can play as knowledge-weavers within systemic change: identifying opportunities for cross-sector collaboration, knowledge transfer and facilitating those relationships (Drew and Hunter, 2021). It also sought to investigate a series of key issues within regenerative design, from design’s entanglement with language to mapping the power relations that shape practice. This presentation shares key insights from the fellowship and reflections on how to create spaces for collective enquiry into design systems.

Keywords: systemic design, design for planet, collective intelligence, regenerative design

Sketchnote by Patricia Kambitch | Playthink




Citation Data

Author(s): Bernard Hay
Year: 2022
Title: Insights from the Design for Planet Fellowship
Published in: Proceedings of Relating Systems Thinking and Design
Volume: RSD11
Article No.: 133
Host: University of Brighton
Location: Brighton, UK
Symposium Dates: October 3–16, 2022
First published: 22 September 2022
Last update: 30 April 2023
Publisher Identification: ISSN 2371-8404