Inaugural Relating Systems Thinking and Design (RSD1) 2012 Symposium

October 4, 2012

Harold Nelson | Systemics, the Logic of Design

Sigrunn Lurås: The difficulty of designing when safety is at stake. Thoughts around a systems approach

Anita Woll: Use of GIGA-mapping in participatory design processes

Helge Tor Kristiansen: The complexity of designing a ship bridge as one integrated unit

AHO Lecture Series
Colleen Ponto & Peter Coughlan | Systems Thinking and Design Thinking: An Integrated Approach to Solving Tough Problems

Defne Sunguroglu Hensel | A Systems Model for Multi-functional Performance Integration

Birger Sevaldson | The new Gesamtkunstwerk: Holistic design for our times

October 5, 2012

Peter Jones | Co-design for Complexity: Deepening Design and Systems Sciences

Adrian Paulsen | From a visual sketch to complex systems thinking

Alex Ryan | Systemic Design Inquiry, The Design of Military Strategy

Rafael Laurenti | Sustainability Driven Systems-Oriented Design: A broader systems approach to product design

Michael Hensel | Knowing the unknown: The predicament of core knowledge and the boundary problem in architecture

Jan Kristian Strømsnes and Manuela Aguirre | Designing for Dignity in a Sexual Violence Response System

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