How to use Gigamap as a Medium for Analysis into a City – Based on case study of Rome and Palermo

Yijun Chen
Marie Davidova

Welsh School of Architecture


This article introduces Gigamapping as a toolkit to help architects undertake analysis and design. Due to globalization, many architectural design companies have expanded into the international market. Gigamapping is a beneficial tool for analysis and design, since it can help designers to display the relationships that affect designs in-context, thereby helping architects to analyse problems and settings. At the same time, it can be used for the integration of all parts of a project through the coherent connection of conceptual ideas and responses to the context. Additionally, it constitutes a powerful tool for supporting teamwork. MA AD is the design research Masters of the Welsh School of Architecture (WSA) of Cardiff University, and Analysis of Precedents is one of the core modules of it. The authors will use training from the Analysis of Precedent module and design-led research in MA AD to illustrate the role of Gigamapping for analysis and design.

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How to use Gigamap as a medium for analysis into a city

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