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Hotels and restaurants in Delft

This select group of hotels and restaurants in Delft has been compiled by the RSD10 team for those joining on-campus sessions.
Hotel The Plataan


Hotel The Plataan | Doelenplein 10, 2611 BP Delft

Hotel de Emauspoort | Vrouwenregt 9, 2611 KK Delft

Hotel De Koophandel | Beestenmarkt 30, 2611 GC Delft

Hotel Johannes Vermeer | Molslaan 18-22, 2611 RM Delft

Hotel Grand Canal | Breestraat 1, 2611 CB Delft

Best Western Museumhotels Delft | Oude Delft 189, 2611 HD Delft

Hotel The Plataan

Traditional beer ‘brown’ cafes

Bierhuis De Klomp | Binnenwatersloot 5, 2611 BJ Delft

Cafe het Klooster | Vlamingstraat 2, 2611 KW Delft

Cafe Doerak | Vrouwjuttenland 17, 2611 LB Delft

Locus Publicus | Brabantse Turfmarkt 67, 2611 CM Delft

Hotel The Plataan

Best coffee in Delft

LOT | Voldersgracht 6, 2611 ET Delft

Coffee Company | Markt 19, 2611 GP Delft

Delft Map

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