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Ng Yeuk Fan

Dr Ng Yeuk Fan shares his work in accelerating health system transformation for a regional population health system of 300,000 people in the north of Singapore, where health systems transformation is a complex journey that often results in unintended consequences. Existing methods to drive health system transformation have intrinsic limitations which impede successful implementation in local contexts.

The Health System Transformation Playbook (HSTP) is a design-, systems-, and complexity-thinking-enabled methodology to systematically design, prioritise and test health system and services transformation actions, anchored on iterative storytelling, model building and pathfinding processes that tackle the scale of socially and technologically complex adaptive systems through time.

The Yishun Health Unified Care Model (UCM) and its associated cascade of models are examples of the ongoing application of HSTP and the use of systemic visualisation techniques in the Yishun Health Regional Population Health System to enable conversation and iterative systemic design, manage socio-technological complexity to reduce care and systems fragmentation and accelerate change that locks-in a more desirable path for health system change. The use of HSTP enables stewards of health systems to gain a more systematic and coherent understanding of health systems and services planning and organisation development to accelerate the transformation towards people-centred, integrated and value-driven health systems.

Ng Yeuk Fan graduated with an MBBS from the Faculty of Medicine, National University of Singapore and holds an MPH from the Harvard School of Public Health, United States. He is an accredited specialist in Public Health Medicine by the Singapore Specialist Accreditation Board and the Singapore Medical Council. Yeuk Fan is currently the Director & Head of Corporate Development at Yishun Health, which is a regional population health and hospital system of the National Healthcare Group. As the Director, he is responsible for Health System and Services Planning & Evaluation, Insights & Analytics, Corporate Planning, and Organization Development. Yeuk Fan is also an Associate Professor at the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health and Duke-NUS Medical School Health Systems & Services Research Program at the National University of Singapore. He is concurrently a Senior Consultant and Core Faculty in the National Preventive Medicine Residency Programme at the National University Health System and a clinical teacher at the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine at the National Technological University. His academic and research interests include the application of systems thinking, design thinking and complexity thinking in health systems, value-based care, integrated care, population health and health systems transformation. His latest publication is Health System Transformation Playbook and Unified Care Model: an integrated design, systems & complexity thinking approach to health system transformation.

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