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Category: Topic: Health & Well-being

Topic: Health & Well-being

Access to Healthcare in New York City

Designers can play a role in access to healthcare by combining research, design methodologies, and collaboration skills to reimagine how people interact with the system.

Air Quality in Delhi

Demonstrating strategic solutions and design thinking interventions in the problem of air pollution in Delhi.

COVID-19 Response in Pennsylvania

This map aims to capture and make connections between the challenges and opportunities in the domains of time and progress – this context highlights the transitional period of the pandemic.

Nutrition Access in Pittsburgh

This gigamap nests the issue of food insecurity in Pittsburgh within larger scalar levels to visualize and understand the interconnectivity of this wicked problem.

Regaining a new sense of well-being by design

RSD9 Keynote. Harold G. Nelson: The COVID-19 virus has been the catalyst for disruptive pandemic changes around the world. Our norms are being forever changed. Our sense of well-being has been lost. New norms are needed now because a new normal is desired and necessary. It is a perilous game to play if the process of forming new norms is left to unfold by chance rather than intension.

Integrating Selves and Systems through Ritual

Arvind Venkataramani and Adam Menter: Co-designed rituals are a way for people to identify and navigate the systems they are embedded in, and to construct or reshape selves to seek well-being.

Obesity Epidemic

Carnegie Mellon University, School of Design, USA. Interdependencies, harmful feedback loops, and interventions to break the cycle of obesity.

Obesity in Western Pennsylvania

Carnegie Mellon University, School of Design, USA. A visual guide to obesity and design interventions through Meadows’ leverage points.


National Institute of Design, India. The ‘amusement park’ represents various aspects of ‘Play’ as a plug-in to foster improved social connections.

Rising Adolescent Depression

Carnegie Mellon University, School of Design, USA. Factors related to adolescent depression synthesized to lend understanding to the systemic issues.