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RSD11 symposium

RSD11: Possibilities & Practices of Systemic Design

Friday, October 14

The #NewMacy series continues framed by keynotes by Tony Fry and Lesley-Ann Noel. Everything is hybrid or online today, including four paper sessions and a research fishbowl.

All times are BST. Convert your timezone to BST.

hybrid = venue + hub on zoom

The white boxes indicate sessions that bring together people who are online with those who are in person in Brighton. Online participants join via the RSD11 hub on Zoom while in-person venues will broadcast the session.

online = zoom hub

A grey box indicates that the session is hosted online. There's a single #RSD11 Zoom link for the entire symposium, and the virtual lobby and chat will open 30 minutes before the session begins. Brighton sites will have dedicated spaces for those who want to join online sessions – however, they are not broadcast, so these are "bring your own device" sessions.

in-person = onsite venues only

There are several onsite venues, and details can be found in the black boxes marked "venue". Refreshments and lunch are provided.

FRI 14


Connect online via the Zoom link – the lobby and chat will be available.

In-person registration & venue

Ironworks Studios – 30 Cheapside, Brighton, BN1 4GD | MAP

Ironworks Studios is a local Brighton multimedia events space operated by Brighton Pride CIC. The walk from the main train station to the studio takes just a few minutes.

9:00 Ironworks Studios

Registration open from 8:00



keynote –seeing RSD11's seven foci relationally | studio A

Tony Fry – Seeing RSD11’s Seven Foci Relationally – My context: seeing the event’s seven foci relationally. Planetary life is sick, this sickness is a product, one produced by rogue systems that are undercutting life’s dwelling, with design complicit and failing to confront designing-in-time. Thus the story to tell is eternal, and is of holding foreshortened, but destined, oblivion at bay.


5 possibilities & practices | studio B


Reducing Plastic Waste from Hospital Procedures to Improve Environmental, Financial, and Social Sustainability of Healthcare Practices -106 Heather Baid and Tom Ainsworth

Scaling Up: From labs to systemic change -121 Katinka Bergema and Christine De Lille

A Social-Systemic Perspective on Behaviour Change: A co-design case study -51 Anita Van Essen, Nynke Tromp, Remko van der Lugt, Inge Klatte and Paul Hekkert

6 possibilities & practices | studio C


Systemic Relational Insights: A new hybrid intelligence approach to make sense of complex problems -117
Andrea Cattabriga

Social Design of Community Service Models with AIoT to Support Aging and Elders Well-Being: Scoping review study -68 Qian He, Lianne Simonse and Elisa Giaccardi

Boundaries as Connection Points: Expanding systemic design methodologies through an “elastic toggling” process -126 Haley Fitzpatrick and Tobias Luthe

confronting legacies of oppression in systemic design fishbowl | studio A

The second of a two-part dialogue series that brings diverse perspectives together for a reflective exploration into systemic design’s role in perpetuating oppression. The in-person fishbowl dialogue aims to grapple with if and how the systemic design community can confront legacies of oppression and work toward liberatory aims.

Full description

13:15 ONLINE

activity sessions X2

Online activity – 30 minutes

How does service design tackle sustainability challenges properly? Strategic Sustainability Designer, the birth of a new discipline

Sustainable Innovation

Activities are 30-minute interactive sessions that provide a space for participants to engage and enact (not just listen to) new ideas and practices. Whereas conventional paper presentations usually begin with a talk and end with (often rushed) questions and comments, this format places interactions amongst participants as the main activities.

10 minutes – Opening, including introductions and scene setting
15 minutes – Activity, with participants getting the chance to interact
5 minutes – Conclusion

LUNCH 13:00-14:00


radiant circles — cybernetic musings on resonant forms #NewMacy | hub & studio C

Six #NewMacy studios over two days 1/6 – ACT II Radiant Circles — Cybernetic Musings on Resonant Forms #NewMacy

7 possibilities & practices | hub & studio B


Leverage Is Fractal, Relative… And What Else? We need a theory of leverage in systemic design -149 Ryan Murphy

Embedding Systemic Design Practices in an Experienced International Development Design Studio -29 Frida Lizeth Gomez Poblette and Pieter Jan Stappers

Transformation Systems for Socioeconomic Transition -163 Steve Waddell, Sandra Waddock, Peter Jones, and Ian Kendrick

Braiding Knowledge Systems as Environmental Peacebuilding: A four-dimensional analysis for co-applying Indigenous and non-Indigenous worldviews -103 Natalija Vojno

8 legacies of oppression | studio A


Reconsidering Power and Place in Systemic Design: Strategies for scaling scree and scaling deep -92 Danielle Lake

Rethinking Participatory Design Research Methodologies -67 Chantal Spencer

The Hip Hop Xpress Double Dutch Boom Bus: Remixing the university and co-designing futures with Black youth in the United States -18 William Patterson and Sharon Irish

Towards Relational Design Practices: De-centering design through lessons from community organising -162 Erica Dorn and Tara Dickman

Focus description: Confronting legacies of oppression


keynote – critical and pluriversal design | studio A

How do we frame questions around design and sustainability? Do we consider the many different ways of being, doing and knowing across the planet? In this talk, Critical and pluriversal design for a world in crisis, Lesley-Ann Noel will share stories about design, sustainability and pluriversality and how (and why) she intentionally introduced critical theory into the design courses she was teaching, ultimately leading to the creation of design tools like The Designer’s Critical Alphabet and the Positionality Wheel.


pandemic of ‘today’s AI’ #NewMacy | online hub

Six #NewMacy studios over two days – ACT II – Pandemic of ‘Today’s AI’


RSD11 social

Brighton Pier – directions will be announced


art as steersmanship #NewMacy | online hub

#NewMacy six studios over two days – ACT II Art as Steersmanship