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Formademisk Special Double Issue

by | Mar 2021 | News & Notes

RSD Special Issues

SDA members Marie Davidova and Ben Sweeting, with Birger Sevaldson, co-edited two special issues of FORMakademisk with 10 papers developed from the proceedings of RSD6 (Oslo 2017) and RSD7 (Torino, 2018) symposia. The Norwegian journal Form Akademisk has been a publication partner of the RSD series from RSD2, and the two issues disseminate high-quality studies from leading RSD authors including Dulmini Perera, Marie Davidova, Ryan Murphy and Peter Jones, Chiara Battistoni and Silvia Barbero, Luke Feast, Komal Faiz, Andree Woodcock, Deana McDonagh and Sana Iqbal, Athina Stamatopoulou, Rosamund Mosse and Lewis Muirhead, and Tom Snow (with two articles).

Relating Systems Thinking and Design (VI)

Within Social and Environmental Systems

A collection of papers from RSD6, Oslo (Sevaldson, 2017) that includes the following topics and titles:

  • Wicked problems, wicked play: Fun machines as strategy, Dulmini Perera
  • Synergy in the systemic approach to architectural performance, Marie Davidova
  • Leverage analysis: A method for locating points of influence in systemic design decisions, Ryan Murphy, Peter Jones
  • Design of an ecosystem to foster systemic eco-innovation: Systemic design for autopoietic local economies, Chiara Battistoni, Silvia Barbero
  • In proportion: Analysing New Zealand’s constitutional system, Luke Feast

Relating Systems Thinking and Design VII

Advancing Design Methodologies for Social and Environmental Systems

A collection of papers from RSD7, Torino (Barbero, 2018) that includes the following topics and titles:

  • Applying a Systemic Approach to Gender Transport Poverty, Komal Faiz, Andree Woodcock, Deana McDonagh, Sana Iqbal
  • Design for Relations Developing a methodology of mapping and designing in the city as an open, complex system, Athina Stamatopoulou
  • The Art of Hosting Participatory Practices in Social Labs: Moving Beyond Participation to Deep Engagement, Rosamund Mosse, Lewis Muirhead
  • Ecosystem Metabolisms and Functions An eco-literacy framework and model for designers, Tom Snow
  • Integrative Systems of Production A framework and model for designers, Tom Snow

FORMakademisk is a Norwegian bilingual open access design research journal. The following special issues have been published since RSD2 (2013):

Vol 7, No 3 (2014): RSD II (Practice Issue)

Vol 7, No 4 (2014): RSD II (Theory Issue)

Vol 10, No 1 (2017): RSD III

Vol 11 No 4 (2018): RSD IV

Vol 12 No 2 (2019): RSD V

Vol 13 No 2 (2020):RSD VI

Vol 13 No 4 (2020): RSD VII

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