Ben Spong

Mirror in the Bathroom is an aluminium cabinet sited in a one-bedroom flat in London.  It generates spatial possibilities by orchestrating notions of projection (temporal and pictorial) and registration between human, non-human, and technological others.

The CNC-machined, robotically formed door constructs a reflective membrane that negotiates the space of observing, the function of the cabinet, and a projected architecture. The disposition and reflexivity of this assembly construct a situation in which observers are simultaneously present and absent. Between worlds. This spatial phenomenon is analogous to knowing-with; an epistemological framing that maintains the necessary indeterminacy and undecidability of a system’s edge if it is to produce and maintain difference.

The cabinet is currently being manufactured and is due to be complete on the 5th of September. An in-progress photograph of the door is attached to this submission along with a digital drawing of the cabinet and a hand drawing that plays out many of the design decisions. It is made by the author who has submitted a presentation to this conference under the title Practicing Systemic Design: The radical possibilities of difference. Making is a key part of the author’s practice. The presentation proposes to discuss this cabinet and some corresponding objects in section 2.


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