Ben Spong

Mirror in the Bathroom is an aluminium cabinet sited in a one-bedroom flat in London. It generates spatial possibilities by orchestrating notions of projection (temporal and pictorial) and registration between human, non-human, and technological others.

The CNC-machined, robotically formed door constructs a reflective membrane that negotiates the space of observing, the function of the cabinet, and a projected architecture. The disposition and reflexivity of this assembly construct a situation in which observers are simultaneously present and absent. Between worlds. This spatial phenomenon is analogous to knowing-with, an epistemological framing that maintains the necessary indeterminacy and undecidability of a system’s edge if it is to produce and maintain difference.

This exhibit is accompanied by the presentation, “Practicing Architecture In The Distinction,” a discussion of two architectural design research projects that tease out the potential of architecture for understanding what is at stake from the placement of boundaries and their relative position to an observer.

Posted September 2022
Posted September 2022

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