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Flourishing Cybernetics: A biomimetics post-secondary futures narratives

Format: Maps & Exhibits, RSD7, Topic: Learning & Education

Abuseif N., Norris N., Wilson-Lee J.

Education based solely on past models will fail, whereas education that learns from the past, based on navigating through uncertainty, and built on cooperation, can lead us to create a world we want to live in and pass on to generations to come. The future needs people who are able to synthesize and contextualize information, keep an open mind to continuous change and emergence and look for, and see, a bigger, much bigger picture. Specialist expertise is still essential, but should be linked with other specialist expertise to generate a more comprehensive understanding of the expanding complexity of the emerging world.” (Hodgson, Tony, 2014)

Imagine a world where purpose- driven humans shift our economic and bureaucratic systems using a life-long empathy driven ‘changemaker’ pedagogy. The following systemic map is an optimistic narrative based upon a ‘3 horizon economies’ model where we examine how might post-secondary institutions transform to meet the needs of future social innovators, communities and industries. In the map, as we reach the 3rd horizon of a Flourishing Economy, we visualize through panarchy, Changemakers informing the design of systems inspired by Dr. John Ehrenfeld’s Sustainable Satisfaction Delivery Systems (SSDS) ideology. (Ehrenfeld, 2001). Our narrative concludes with an imagined heuristics model to uncover the way in which we will co-evolve and flourish with autonomous technologies conceptualized as “Flourishing Cybernetics.”




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Author(s): OCTOBER 2018
Title: Flourishing Cybernetics: A biomimetics post-secondary futures narratives
Published in: Proceedings of Relating Systems Thinking and Design
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First published: 23 September 2018
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Publisher Identification: ISSN 2371-8404
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