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Feeding Future Narratives: Building Empathy with Food through Systemic Design

Format: Workshops, RSD5, Topic: Health & Well-being

Facilitators: Nourhan Hegazy and Prateeksha Singh, OCAD University

This workshop adopts a design-led approach to systemic change. It will be part discovery, reflection and extrapolation. We will explore how multi-layered design tools (personal narratives + personification + auto and collective ethnography) when combined with guiding systemic principles, can be used to co-design a transitional narrative focused on building a preferred future.

Participants will be guided through iterative, visual design methods where they will explore how to create a desired future narrative about their relationship with food by revisiting stories of the past and present. The objective is to explore how we might be able to move towards a more healthy relationship with food and by extension a more sustainable food system by building an empathic connection with food and other generations.

The three segments (past, present, future) of iterative storytelling will act as a form of sense-making; and the visual mapping of the stories will act as a tool for cognitive synthesis that can also be used to identify any enablers and barriers participants should make note of when planning for their future state. Participants will also discuss systems change through the collective power of individual choices and exercising of personal agency, and the potential impact for future generations.




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Author(s): Nourhan Hegazy and Prateeksha Singh
Title: Feeding Future Narratives: Building Empathy with Food through Systemic Design
Published in: Proceedings of Relating Systems Thinking and Design
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First published: 27 September 2016
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