Ganesh Kumar, Krishnakant Saini, Nikhil Soman, Vagmita Parmar, Praveen Nahar, and Sahil Thappa

The internet: we are surrounded by it, and it’s growing at a fast pace, constantly evolving, and changing the way we experience it. We have already gone through 3 phases of the internet web 0, 1, and 2. The next phase of the internet, or web 3 as we call it, is going to modify how we interact with the virtual world. Metaverse is a part of that next phase.

It is a virtual universe made up of various virtual world platforms running on the blockchain. Users on metaverse platforms have virtual avatars through which they can interact and carry out various activities.

Despite what numerous people say, we know that metaverse is inevitable. In such a scenario, it becomes our responsibility to foresee the opportunities as well as the threats, and we must work towards making a more humane metaverse and improving our overall digital presence. This is what our project is about, envisioning the metaverse. Foreseeing everything, positives and negatives alike.

In this project, we have tried to deconstruct and then reconstruct the present system of the metaverse and derived the following outcomes:


  • A mapped model of the present Metaverse System.
  • Our metaverse model with a few modifications and interventions in the areas of Platform, Hardware, Communities, Lifestyle, and Infrastructure.
  • Metaverse Manifesto for a more Humane Metaverse
  • A set of Method Cards
  • Design Fiction Installation – We built a fictional scenario set in the future centred around digital footprint and made an installation – ‘Digital Ash’


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Posted September 2022
Posted September 2022

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