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Enriching Synergies in Systemic Design: Hybridizing science, design and transformative action

Format: Papers, RSD10, Topic: Methods & Methodology

Reframing Systemic Design methodology within a new MOOC on Designing Resilient Regenerative Systems

Tobias Luthe, Haley Fitzpatrick, Justyna Swat, Tiphaine Mühlethaler, and Abel Crawford

The main goal of developing systemic design has been to seek synergies between design and systems in order to better deal with complexity. Since the need for local people’s action on designing regenerative systems and cultures has been gaining in urgency, and since neither design nor science nor practice alone can transform such systems fast enough, we intend to enrich systemic design methodologies. Adding to the latest discourse on values, direction and currency in systemic design, and when it is regenerative, we identify synergies between an extended array of practices: science, systems thinking, design, and transformative action. Motivated by the development of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Designing Resilient Regenerative Systems with its specific module on systemic design, we propose some cornerstones of enriching systemic design and “Playing with tensions” while offering this inclusive discourse to the RSD community.

Keywords: enriched methodology, extended synergies, sustainability science, transformative action, systemic design principles

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Author(s): Tobias Luthe, Justyna Swat, Haley Fitzpatrick, Tiphaine Mühlethaler and Abel Crawford
Title: Enriching Synergies in Systemic Design: Hybridizing science, design and transformative action
Published in: Proceedings of Relating Systems Thinking and Design
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First published: 3 September 2021
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