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End-of-year message from SDA Chair Silvia Barbero

by | Dec 2021 | SDA blog

Every year-end pushes us to evaluate what we have done and define higher and higher goals to reach in the next one.

In 2021, we were thrilled to establish two new websites. One for the Systemic Design Association – with so much information about our community, theories, practices, and publication; the other is this one, for our annual Relating Systems Thinking and Design Symposium. The digital platforms help us connect and share our work – they are live tools designed with care, and your comments are critical for continued development.

We were thankful for those of us who had the chance to meet again in person during RSD10. This year, RSD reached a significant milestone of the 10th anniversary, with Mieke van der Bijl-Brouwer and the TU Delft team making it possible.

Finally, the SDA board has seen some changes, and we all are full of energy to catch the new challenges of the new year! Our best wishes to Birger Sevaldson and Jenny Darzentas for their enormous contributions – we know that you are always supporting our movement. And welcome to Cheryl May and Marie Davidová for the efforts and good vibes that you bring with you.

Looking ahead, we are launching another very challenging project this year – the Journal of the SDA! Especially Peter Jones, as Editor-in-Chief, is working hard on it, and we are planning the first issue early in 2022. The deadline for the call for submissions is January 31. Ben Sweeting is also getting the planning for RSD11 underway, with the University of Brighton as the host.

On behalf of the SDA board, I wish you a lovely winter break. We look forward to the new coming year with renewed energy and hope.

– Silvia Barbero, Chair, Systemic Design Association

RSD10 Keynote Videos

Click on the images to go directly to the session outline, video, and presentation. From left to right: Silvia Barbero, Elisa Giaccardi, Derk Loorbach, Klaus Krippendorff, and Indy Johar.


Final submissions are due on
April 30

Open call for Reviewers
April 1–30

Feedback to authors
June 30

sessions OCTOBER 16–18

RSD13-OSLO & Nordmarka Forest October 22–26

Lidar-derived image of the Danube River and floodplain near Tulln, Austria. Daniel Coe. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 DEED

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