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Enabling Systemic Transformations

Format: Papers, RSD5

Fredrik Eive Refsli and Dino Karabeg

It is shown how “the power to transcend paradigms” – which has been identified as “the most impactful way to intervene into systems” – can be radically augmented by a different approach to information. Instead of updating a conventional “reality picture”, available insights are combined to compose completely new high­level views or gestalts, which co­exist and co­evolve through a dialog with one another and with the more detailed views. Polyscopy is described as a concrete instantiation of this approach. The Holoscope online platform is outlined as an application of polyscopy to enable (by illuminating the way) the global systemic transformation. This article is a strategy proposal and an invitation, extended to the interested members of the systemic design community, to take part in the transdiscipline we are developing around Holoscope, to evolve it continuously.




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Author(s): OCTOBER 2016
Title: Enabling Systemic Transformations
Published in: Proceedings of Relating Systems Thinking and Design
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First published: 20 September 2016
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