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Marion Real and Vikrant Mishra

¿Do we feel prepared for the crises we will face?

Methods and design experiences at the intersection between resilient systems, local manufacturing and community engagement.

Emerging Reservist Cultures is a recently published infographic book that urges stakeholders, policymakers, industry leaders, researchers, creators, and the general public to develop collaborative production networks prepared to design, manufacture, certify, and distribute needed products and services when emergencies are declared. The book reflects upon activities conducted during the European project Reservist, where an extended network of stakeholders shared their experience building a reservist network and envisioning how these could be deployed in prospective emergency scenarios.

The session focuses on the design research methodology of the book design, the use of cards in futures scenario building, and is an opportunity to collectively discuss the findings of the Reservist project.


Marion Real is a systemic design researcher at Fab Lab Barcelona, focusing on circular economies and localism. She coordinates the Reservist project, works on productive cities and textile research, and is also part of the faculty of the Master in Distributed Design and Innovation. She is an associate researcher at ESTIA and the Centre for Circular Design in London.

Vikrant Mishra is a multi-disciplinary designer and researcher who uses storytelling to spark important discussions and explore the many possibilities of the future. He has a background in Industrial design and research practices alongside organizations like SELCO and the British Council. He recently procured a Master’s in Design for Emergent Futures at Fab Lab Barcelona at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia and is currently a Resident Researcher for the Reservist project at Fab Lab Barcelona.

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