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Diane Roussin

Diane Roussin and a proud member of the Skownan First Nation. In her RSD12-kihcihkaw askî keynote, she reflects on centring Indigenous wisdom, perspectives and values in the work that she does and two decades as a community leader in pursuit of mino bimaadiziwin.*

Roussin has worked with organisations and projects that respect the ability and the rights of Indigenous families, children and individuals to care for themselves and thrive. She reflects on her experience as project director of The Winnipeg Boldness Project, a systemic change initiative that seeks to create large-scale, systemic change for children and families in Winnipeg’s Point Douglas neighbourhood and the tools and processes used to develop community-driven solutions to create better outcomes for the neighbourhood’s residents.

*mino bimaadiziwin is an Anishinaabemowin (Ojibway) term meaning “good life.”

Diane Roussin has been a leader in the realm of Indigenous social innovation in Canada for several years and presented at TEDx Winnipeg in 2018 on Indigenous social innovation.

In January 2018, Roussin received the Governor General’s Award for Outstanding Indigenous Leadership. She holds Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Social Work degrees and spends time serving on several boards, including the Winnipeg Foundation, Winnipeg Art Gallery and North Forge Technology Exchange.

Diane holds a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Social Work degrees. She is a cherished member of a large extended family and a loving mother of two daughters whom she adores.

RSD12 Kihcihkaw Askî, Live October 10




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