Systems Thinking based Design intervention for Supporting Healthy Ageing / Ageing in Place

John Darzentas, Helen Petrie, and Jenny Darzentas

University of the Aegean, Greece | University of York, UK

This paper presents an approach based on Systems Thinking to create design interventions, demonstrating its use and potential usefulness in the case of providing support for Healthy Ageing. It attempts to clarify and enforce some important steps in Systems Thinking based Design methods. These primarily include the capturing, learning about and understanding such complex problem spaces leading to description of a ‘Holon’ presenting a holistic view of the design problem space; the translation of this Holon into Systems Language; and the role of Service Design in the proposed approach. The paradigm of Service Design used within the Systems Thinking Design process provides a platform for demonstrating its use in designing complex problem spaces such as the case of Healthy Ageing.

The particular problem space is about caring for older people in order to provide support for Ageing in Place, i.e., staying at home and maintaining a degree of independence.

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