Design for Emergence

Goran Matic and Ana Matic

OCAD U /SLab | Chaordic Design

Enabling stakeholder liminal transitions and innovation value pivoting through complex systemic transformations

Abstract Emerging sustainable innovation value is increasingly being recognized as a key challenge – and one increasingly considered from the perspectives of complex systemic transformations that require iterative learning processes, awareness of complex-adaptive systems, collaboration in multi-stakeholder environments and competencies in meaning and value co-creation. Innovating within complex social systems can be challenged by the stakeholder buy-in processes, affective team climate and the multidimensional aspects of organizational adoption. We introduce Design for Emergence – a meta-design framework to increase innovation community resilience by orienting towards human psycho-social factors, while building social coherence across the systemic micro, mezzo and macro scales of analysis – with the goal of easing stressors within ‘liminal space’ transitions to enable desirable future outcomes, by facilitating individual and organizational transformational journeys.

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